Friday, February 3, 2012

In the Cold

Before the Freeze


Europe freezes as deadly cold spreads west
European weather forecasters have warned the severe cold is likely to persist in many parts of continental Europe for at least another week.
      What a great day to hide indoors.  Everyone is freezing.  Actually, today is a holiday -- the day between first and second semesters at each of our schools.  I can recover from jetlag and take a breather.  I'm thanking God today for our house, the new roof, the new door, and our little mini-fireplace into which I keep piling more and more wood.
Daddy's birthday dinner
Reading Ionesco in the dark
      I am very thankful for our December and January.  Patrick was here, so we got to be all together -- a rare treat.  For example, we celebrated my birthday at a restaurant in Ostrava, and on the way home, our kids did a dramatic reading in the back of the car.   
      Patrick has gone back to Brown.  Lucy and I made a whirlwind tour of the Chicago area to raise money for BMA's new project (see the BMA page) and to look at colleges.  This brings us to the prayer requests for our family.  Each of our oldest three kids is looking at momentous changes educationally.

Patrick with his great love

Patrick is a Junior at Brown and has fallen in love with architecture.  We're proud of him: his passion is leading him to proactively scout the way ahead.  He's working on a portfolio and searching for graduate school options.  He needs prayer for the future, and for his ability to stand strong for the Lord on his campus now.

Lucy from a Patrick photo series
Lucy just returned from an intense look at Chicagoland universities.  She is praying about fine arts programs.  Candidates in the Chicago area include the Art Institute, Columbia College, Northern Illinois and Wheaton.  She also remains interested in the Rhode Island School of Design.  Please pray for the applications (Fall 2012) and the decision (Spring 2013.)
Paul Hugh plays carols

Paul Hugh would like to enroll in BMA in the Fall.  He has also been accepted at a nearby arts high school.  The Czech high school admission system is tricky and not designed to be helpful to the students.  Please pray that he will be with us at BMA in September, along with two of his friends who are interested in spiritual things.

Izak and Magritte

At our creek before the freeze

Izak's official adoption papers are in and we thank the Lord.  He loves nursery school and we pray that we can help him with cultural issues like the myths about friendly little devils that Czechs share in the winter.  He needs help learning about friendships -- how to keep friends, and what kind of influence they have.

Sharon adds that she needs prayer because "parenting has become an extreme sport" around here.  Please especially pray for her continued bonding with Izak.
I add that I am more deeply aware this week of spiritual warfare surrounding my homeroom class -- a group of 27 delightful kids with many interested in the Lord but many interested in competing, counterfeit spiritual systems.  
Thanks for reading, thanks for praying, and thanks for supporting us so generously.
Paul for all the Tills

Parenting is an extreme sport