There are six Tills.
Sharon Nicholson married Paul Till in 1988, shortly after they both graduated from Yale.  They started out in Connecticut and both taught -- Sharon nursery school, and Paul middle school.  Patrick came along in 1989.  They moved to the Chicago suburbs in 1991, beginning 13 years at Christian Heritage Academy in Northfield.  Lucy Rose and Paul Hugh were born in Illinois.  Izak (pronounced like the biblical name Isaac, but spelled the Czech way for ease of use here) was adopted in 2010.
The Tills moved to the Czech Republic in 2004, called by God to help a new missionary enterprise.  The Czech Republic has very few Christian schools, and no Christian high schools for Czech nationals -- until now.  Beskydy Mountain Academy is a unique gymnazium (college prep high school) designed to give Czech teenagers from non-religious families a quality education and an introduction to Jesus Christ.
BMA is in the eastern part of Moravia.  Here is the Wikipedia article introducing our town, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí.ýdlant_nad_Ostravicí
Beskydy Mountain Academy has a lively web page.  Most of it is in Czech, but there are going to be some English parts soon.  There are lots of good photographs of school events and personalities.

This is not a Christmas Letter.  Not being as gifted as our friend Larry Eclov, whose Christmas letters are literature,  we don't know if we could do a Christmas letter that would seem real.  We would like to tell you as much about our struggles as our victories.
The address of our blog page uses the word "Tillovi."  Czech family names always get -ovi at the end to refer to the group.
The photo in the background of our page is from our first big family trip with Izak.  We went to Krakow, Poland and got to ride a little boat on the Vistula River.