Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Blog

     Thanks for visiting our blog.  We are rookies.  Here's what we think is on this blog page, although you never know -- what I thought was a nice update on our family might actually be a link to something awful. Please let me know if I made a really silly mistake.
If you don't know who we are or what we are up to, please go to the Introduction page for an introduction.  Paul and Sharon's pages are for honest reflection -- less news than opinion and commentary.  We expect to be brutally honest in both our observations and in our thanksgiving to God.  We know that people who support our ministry want to keep track of our financial needs, so there is a page for that.  The Beskydy Mountain Academy page is about the school with a strong emphasis on spiritual developments and prayer needs.
     It is Saturday afternoon, February 5th.  Izak is supposed to be napping.  Paul Hugh and Lucy Rose are out in the woods somewhere with friends: Lucy walking, Paul Hugh fighting with wooden weapons.  Sharon is practicing the piano and singing ("Simplemente" from the old Rehoboth songbook) and Patrick is back at Brown University.  This evening we will cash in a big pile of food certificates and treat my director's family to dinner on the town square.  (All teachers in the Czech Republic are assigned monthly certificates to cover their lunch expenses and I've saved mine up.) My director, Petr, is a faithful and courageous believer and we are looking forward to getting our families together because it doesn't happen often enough.
     "Spring" break has just begun.  Czech school districts rotate their vacations and our region has just been put back to the front of the line where we started six years ago, in other words, early February.  I don't think I mind.  In fact, it feels like it's just in time for us.  We are a tired bunch.  Sharon has only just got the cast off her broken right hand and is learning exercises for rehabilitation.  Izak is still learning about obedience and truth-telling, and that's demanding for all of us.  The weather has been frigid.  We're weary.
     You will notice on this page a new e-mail address.  Please feel free to use it.  Up until now, the best e-mail for contacting us has been
but we are now experimenting with
so please feel free to write us at either.
     Thank you for your prayers and your visit! - Paul

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