Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Tills Head to America

Dear friends,
We thank you and we thank God for the opportunity to come and visit in the summer of 2013.  Here is a rough schedule of who will be coming where and when.

May 26th : Patrick graduates from Brown University (Sharon, Paul, Paul Hugh, Isaac and grandparents).
May 27th - 29th:  Tills in New England  (Sharon, Paul, Paul Hugh, Isaac).
May 29th - June 14th (or something like that):  Tills with the Whites in Milford, Pennsylvania (Sharon, Paul Hugh, Isaac.)
May 29th - June 14th  BMA and Lucy's graduation in the Czech Republic (Paul and Lucy)
June 14th - June 20th  Tills with Chamberlains and New Testament Missionary Fellowship in New York (Sharon, Paul, Lucy, Paul Hugh, Isaac)
June 20th - July 9th  Tills in Illinois, with possible trips to family and friends in Texas or the Mid- West (Sharon, Paul, Lucy, Paul Hugh, Isaac).

Please pray for Isaac's visa paperwork.  He has a Czech passport.  He talks about his trip to America almost every day.

- Paul.

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